Helpful Hints for removing Wallpaper

   Wallpaper can be very tricky at times to remove, especially if
installed by a DIY or non professional. Patience is the key. We use a
variety of tools (see picture). The most important tool is very Hot
1 Fill a pump-up garden sprayer up with hot water.
2 Make sure the wallpaper is scratched or perforated
3 Cover floor with plastic & cloth drop clothes
4 Spray walls in sections 1 or 2 walls complete at a time
5 After 3 applications of water, test the wallpaper to see if it pulls off
with any ease,if not, spray again 2 more times.
      Call or E mail us for any questions you may have or to book an
appointment for us to do the work.

Paint Storage & Disposal
      All leftover Paints & Stains should be stored inside & kept on a
shelf , moisture from cement floors will rust the bottom of your metal
cans.A good way to store leftover paints is in a Glass or Mason Jar.
Be sure to label the jar with the correct color code,brand name as
well as the sheen( flat,semi,pearl etc....)
Disposal of leftover paints is crucial in todays 'GREEN'
enviroment. WSI publishes special Hazardous material  drop off
points on all your Garbage pick up Flyers. As well as website